PERCH WP2 meeting

The PERCH WP2 meeting produced valuable results

On 24 and 25 April 2024, health and communication experts from the PERCH partner countries met in person in Ljubljana and via Zoom. The main purpose of the PERCH WP2 meeting was to facilitate discussions and collaboration between the participating countries on the PERCH guide for communication strategies on HPV vaccination, evaluate the key messages for parents and adolescents, explore social media campaigns in several countries and discuss the organisation of communication activities in different countries.

Through presentations, reflection, discussion and practical work, participants identified effective communication practises, shared experiences and presented some improvements to the HPV vaccination communication strategy guide.

Participants were presented with the results of the PERCH stakeholder survey on key messages for parents and adolescents and decided to reduce the number of key messages based on the results and comments. In the next step, the messages will be tested among young ambassadors from different international organisations and later translated by the countries and tested locally among parents and adolescents.


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