The main objective of this WP is to frame the conditions to be fulfilled in order to reach or maintain high HPV vaccination coverage (goal 90% by 2030), among girls, and if possible also boys, before they reach the age of 15 years in all MS of the EU, as defined in the cervical cancer elimination initiative of the WHO. Integration of HPV vaccination into national routine vaccination policies, optimise vaccine confidence, assure availability of sufficient vaccine supplies at a reasonable cost for public health authorities and easy access to vaccination services will be pivotal to reach and sustain high coverage in all participating countries and in Europe at large.

WP4 aims at:

  • surveying how HPV vaccination currently is implemented in EU countries, including identification of barriers, facilitators
    and influencing factors of successful implementation of HPV vaccination policies
  • promoting the integration of HPV vaccination activities in the national routine vaccination schedule, in participating MSs where this is not yet the case
  • updating knowledge on efficacy and safety of HPV vaccines, in particular on effectiveness of one-dose HPV vaccination schedules
  • identifying strategies for the purchase of HPV vaccines at lowest possible cost
  • formulating an integration and sustainability plan for HPV vaccination implementation in the EU, including development of roadmaps for implementation of HPV vaccination adjusted to local needs and recommendations for best practice for implementation, monitoring, education and dissemination defined throughout the JA
  • launching pilots/vaccination campaigns in strategically selected countries
Marc Arbyn (email: Marc.Arbyn@sciensano.be)
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