Report on main determinants of HPV vaccine hesitancy at national level

Work package 6 (WP6) deals with “Improving knowledge and awareness to increase vaccine uptake in target communities”. Consequently, its general objective is to increase knowledge and awareness of HPV-related disease and prevention in adolescent girls and boys and empower the target populations on the benefits of vaccine uptake for individuals and public health.

 The specific objectives are to understand the dynamic preventing access to HPV vaccine and to improve access and use of reliable information/communication about HPV vaccination to increase confidence. The main targets of WP6 activities are therefore adolescent girls and boys (aged around 15 and younger) and their parents. School is a strategic context to address health education and consequently, they also target school teachers and use schools as our principal setting.

 This first deliverable, a “Report on main determinants of HPV vaccine hesitancy at the national level”, was done with the involvement of WP6 principal stakeholders, students (girls and boys), parents and teachers, identified in selected schools on the national territory of each country participating in WP6.

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